Popular Local Restaurants

Auberge Occitane quaint but modern restaurant lies in a small village called Saint-Mamet-la-Salvetat which offers a French/BBQ cuisine.

Le Cayrols a French/European restaurant rated #1 on Trip Advisor in Livers-Cazelles find out more.

Le comptoir. According to some this is the #1 restaurant in Carmaux down the road, with some of the best local pizza according to some.

Chaz Martine is another local restaurant located in Carmaux, providing a great lunch menu.

Happy restaurant is a French restaurant located in Carmaux that offers a cosy atmosphere in the centre.

L’Authentique is a restaurant on the edge of a 5-mile radius located in Valderiès and has been given 5 stars on Trip Advisor, so well worth the visit if you’re happy with a 10-15-minute travel.

Restaurant le Corsic Averyon is a French/BBQ restaurant located in Cordes-sur-Ciel with a very impressive menu.

L’Eclat is a very popular wine bar/tapas bar & restaurant in Carmaux and located not far from Parc du Candou with very impressive reviews.

Hotel La Tour De Ciron and Restaurant Le Boeuf Marinis a wonderful restaurant in Carmaux with both indoor and outdoor seating and wonderful food. For more information click here.