Local Attractions

Cap Decouverte – Is an amusement park located less than 5 miles from Le Garric Combefa. It is a leisure park with a lake and beach, perfect for anyone. It has countless activities great for all ages, such as paintballing, biking, skatepark, a massive 700m rail track and much more. For more information click here.

Parc du Candou is a beautiful park located in central Carmaux, perfect for warm days.

Fête à Bournazel – Since 1945, each year the small village of Bournazel Tarn located near Aveyron, just a 20-minute drive from Combefa, holds its traditional Fête à Bournazel which lasts for 4 days and nights. Festivities include; live music, dancing, competitions, rugby tournaments, workshops for children and more.

Musée-mine départemental – Not far from Cap Decouverte is a very popular mining museum which has a must watch evening performance. It highlights the previous importance of the coal in this area for the miners, ‘the black mouths’. For more information please visit their website

Au Passe Temps Sarl – If you want to relax with some local music, Au Passe Tempe Sarl, located in La Barrabie offers local music acts performing Friday and Sunday. If this interests you find out more.

Office d’Animation du Carmausin – Point d’Accueil Touristique de Carmaux is the closest tourist information office to Le Garric Combefa, which provides any local information you require find out more