Local Area

Located in the Occitanie region of southern France, the commune of Combefa is best known for the Chateau de Combefa, an Episcopal Summer Palace. The surrounding areas are rich in culture and history, you’ll find beautiful medieval villages and towns, remarkable gardens and locations which ooze natural beauty.

There are plenty of markets which take place in and near Combefa on a regular basis, one of which takes place on Saturday mornings in Cordes-sur-Ciel and is renowned for selling delicious meats and cheeses. There is also a market held every Friday morning in the local town of Carmaux which features about 150 traders and spans over three squares, as well as a market in St Antonin Noble Val which takes place every Sunday morning. It is wise to get there early as it is very popular.

The small village of Monestiés is another great place to visit. Just a five-minute drive from Combefa, Monestiés is officially listed as one of the ‘most beautiful villages in France’. Positioned alongside the Cérou River, this quaint village features shops, cafes and more, perfect for a lovely day trip out. Close by is a manmade lake, La Roucaire, where there are picnic and BBQ areas plus fitness tracks, swimming, boating and walking.

The nearby town of Carmaux has a rich history of coal mining and glass works with monuments throughout the town and the Musse D’Art du Vere has stunning exhibitions of glass at its very best. There is also the Musee of Mining where it is possible to go underground and experience what life must have been like.

Cordes-sur-Ciel is definitely worth visiting. This magnificent town is steeped in history and, within the upper town, there are some absolutely breathtaking medieval houses preserved through the ages as well as some lovely craft shops and artists’ galleries. Jardin de Paradis is a superbly scenic garden from which you can watch the world go by and enjoy light meals in the summer months.

If you’re looking to be amazed, head over to Albi, a town situated on the edge of the River Tarn. See the 285ft tower and huge walls of Cathédrale Sainte-Cécile, the largest brick structure in the world when it was built in the 13th century. Just be wary when visiting, most restaurants, shops and museums are closed on Mondays.

Within 5 miles

If you’re interested in travelling to any of the scenic surrounding areas or looking for an easy way of transportation there’s the Carmaux train station located just a few miles away. View trains to and from Carmaux.

The nearby town of Carmaux has a rich history regarding coal mining and glassworks with monuments throughout the town celebrating its proud past. Within this quaint town, the glass work museum ‘Musee d’Art du Vere’ serves as a fascinating visit featuring superb glass sculptures that inspire visitors, and a mining museum on the outskirts, that provides an in-depth view on such an interesting history.




Within 10 miles

Albi is a World Heritage Site situated on the edge of the River Tarn. See the 285ft tower and huge walls of Cathedrale Sainte-Cecile, the largest brick structure in the world when it was built in the 13th century. Adjacent is the Musee de la Toulouse Lautrec born in Albi. Smart shops, meandering medieval cobbled streets, many restaurants and dancing fountains make this a wonderful place to visit.

Pont Vieux is the perfect place to visit as it really shows Albi’s architecture and seamless flowing river at its best. Just down the road from the Pont Vieux is the Palais de la Berbie.

This palace used to be the centre of the power of the regional church after the Cathars were defeated. Alongside beautiful medieval architecture, this palace is a photographers paradise with beautiful gardens and a riverside view.

Along the cobbled, narrow paths, hidden away is another gem. Cloitre de la Collegiale Saint Salvy is a beautiful tranquil religious site with very impressive historical structures and definitely worth a visit. If fashion is your thing, Musee de la Mode is a fashion museum located in Albi containing a huge collection of clothing ranging from the early 18th century right up to modern day.

If you enjoy a little gin or whisky from time to time, then you should visit Distillerie Castan, a family distillery founded in 1941 who combine their own concoction of botanicals to produce tasteful artisanal drinks.

Jardin de Paradis is a superbly scenic garden that offers an endless supply of sights in the medieval town of Cordes-sur-Ciel with light meals served in the summer.

Ambroisie in Albi is a superb restaurant that offers French/European cuisine at an exceptionally high standard. Albi was elected “the most sporting city in France” in 2012 by the newspaper L’Equipe in partnership with the National Olympic Committee France and the Ministry of Sports. For car enthusiasts, Circuit d’Albi is a racing car track located just on the outskirts of Albi with frequent events. Le Séquestre Aerodrome is the Albi local airport which offers numerous activities to tourists including hot air ballooning and skydiving.

Within 15 miles

Atmosphair Montgolfières Occitanes offers balloon rides with many different pick-up and drop-off points around the area. Soak in the beautiful scenery from a different perspective.

You can dive further into the history of France by visiting the Viaduc du Viaur and let its beautiful architecture and equally beautiful scenery do the talking. It’s located near Aveyron (North East of Carmaux) and was the first large steel bridge in France.

Whilst there are numerous wineries in the local area, Chateau Maresque has received outstanding reviews and offers a high-quality wine tasting experience. Enjoy a beautiful glass of wine at this stunning winery. Speaking of wineries and vineyards, Gaillac, a beautiful gothic/renaissance town located around about 35 minutes from Le Garric, Combefa, is home to some of the oldest Gaillac vineyards.

Parallel to the river Tarn, Abbaye Saint Michel is an elegant abbey in the centre of Gaillac with a rich history and an onsite museum for visitors. Perfect when planning a day trip to Gaillac. On the edge of Gaillac sits the historical monument Chateau de Mauriac. Within its walls, it holds countless works of art and antique items.



Within 20 miles

If you’re looking to venture out a little further, Foret Domaniale de la Gresigne is a lovely national forest located west of Le Garric, Combefa, perfect for family days out. Chateau du Bosc Residence is a stunning castle located in Camjac, which holds guided tours around the historic structure.

Further afield

The magnificent Gorge du Tarn is an absolute must to visit with deep gorges and canoeing, it is Europe’s version of the Grand Canyon. Not to be missed is a visit to Millau and a drive under or over the Millau Bridge. This is the world’s tallest bridge and certainly one to tick off your list.

Within a 50 mile radius are numerous Bastide Towns (fortified towns) and such places as Castres and Le Sidobre where a fascinating collection of rocks in the landscape will delight you.

Nearest cities

Toulouse, France – 1 hour 30 minutes, 61.5 miles

Montpellier, France – 2 hours 45 minutes, 144 miles

Marseille, France – 4 hours 25 minutes, 247 miles

Lyon, France – 5 hours 10 minutes, 293 miles

Barcelona, Spain – 5 hours 20 minutes, 305 miles

Nice, France – 5 hours 50 minutes, 345 miles